The burning questions that leaders should be asking themselves today


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Before we come to the questions, imagine this…You are at work. The vast majority of people around you are happy, engaged, motivated and they make you feel good about yourself – even in the Post ‘Brexit’ and ‘Trumpit’ era.

The reality is that many UK organisations are not like that. There will be some of you reading this, thinking that the above description is a utopian fantasy, that cannot exist in your workplace.

For you, the reality may be that you are surrounded by people that are unhappy; demotivated, disengaged and because of that they drain the life out of you.

It is likely that your reality will fit somewhere in between these two disparate scenarios, and if it is then you have some real room for improvement, but you need to ask the following burning questions:

  • Are you a good employer?
  • Are your people engaged?
  • Do they feel valued and included?
  • Is there fairness for all?

If you answered ‘no’ or ‘I don’t know’ to any of the above questions, then you need to do something about it now. But where do you start? Read on.

Something big is happening on the 16th March 2017.

Some of the best organisations in the UK are giving away their secrets; about how they transformed their organisations into workplaces where most of the people around them are happy, engaged and motivated and where people make others feel good about themselves.

This is a one-off event with limited spaces available.

The list of inspiring speakers spans a wide range of industries, and each brings their own experiences and expertise to the table.

Raphael Rowe, former investigative journalist and current presenter of the BBC’S One Show. Raphael will speak about his experiences of inequality, equality and discrimination in the context of ‘Brexit and ‘Trumpit.’

What’s more, Jacqui Gavin; a passionate and knowledgeable transgender rights campaigner, who also advises the Financial Conduct Authority, will enlighten attendees with her expert input.

We have the award-winning Debbie Gordon, Assistant Director at Yorkshire Coast Homes and the winner of the ‘UK’s Number 1 Organisation’ at the NCFD Grand Awards 2016.

Zoe Shackleton, NCFD UK FE Sector Employee of the Year 2016 and Vice Principal of Huddersfield New College, will also be sharing her secrets about how their organisation became recognised as the UK’s best College.

Becky Hewitt, Director of People at Leeds Building Society will take to the floor to talk about the innovative work of Leeds Building Society in including and engaging the organisation’s 1000 plus workforce.

We also have Frank Clayton, Learning and Development Manager with Engineering heavyweights, NG Bailey. and Michelle Swarbrick, HR Manager for Construction Company of the Year 2016, Cruden Construction. Both of will be sharing their secrets of success with attendees.

The event promises to be 2017’s biggest giveaway of secrets, tips and ideas. This is a one-off event and places are limited – don’t assume that you can book later or you may miss out!


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