The journey to Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement

Why take the journey with us?

For us the most critical element of Diversity is not where you are on your journey; it’s where you want to be.

Diversity and Inclusion are very much on the corporate agenda for forward-thinking, ambitious companies. For companies who are serious about Equality and Diversity we offer the UK’s only complete Diversity Award, letting you enjoy:

Below is an overview of the awards your organisation can begin to work towards, with us at your side.

This award is recognised as a sign that your company is committed to Equality and Diversity in the workplace, a key factor for Millennial and Generation Z applicants when selecting a company to work for.

For organisations keen to capitalise on the benefits Diversity brings, the Leaders in Diversity Award gives your organisation the tools and knowledge you need to change your company’s culture for the future completely.

For organisations who wish to continue their Equality and Diversity journey, the next step is to bring management of the process in-house. We help key individuals within your company become certified to guide and mentor your organisation from within, for a better future.

1. Your starting point – We assign you your own dedicated NCFD Advisor and a Personal Relationship Manager to travel with you on the road ahead.

2. Cultural audit – The next step is a cultural audit to establish where your organisation is right now in terms of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and where it wants to be.

3. Feedback – Your advisor will discuss the results of your cultural audit with you and report the key findings.

4. Building your bespoke action plan and next steps – Using the results of your audit, your dedicated advisor will create a detailed plan tailored to your organisation.

5. Continuous support and improvement – your advisor will work with you to build on and embed the recommendations from your action plan.

6. Evaluation – We then re-audit your organisation to evidence that you have achieved the recommendations from your action plan. Analysing this data to feedback and benchmark your results against the Investors in Diversity framework.

7. Achieving the accreditation – After achieving the Investors in Diversity Award, you can display your achievement on all your corporate communications.

Want to journey further?

8. Companies who have seen the benefits that Equality, Diversity and Inclusion have brought them often want to know how they can take their organisation to the next level. They can do this by achieving the Leaders in Diversity Award.