Diversity turned on its head by Neuroscience


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The latest findings in neuroscience mean that the human brain automatically views diversity as a threat.

The National Centre for Diversity has been developing a radical new approach which it calls neuro-equality, which it has enshrined within its groundbreaking new Masters in Diversity leadership programme.

The National Centre for Diversity launched Masters in Diversity, a bespoke leadership training programme, for the first time at The Scottish Parliament on the 4th October 2016.

The launch coincided with the National Centre for Diversity’s Third Bi-Annual National Patrons Network meeting. The event was sponsored by MSP Christina McKelvie and was attended by both members of the Patrons Network and local organisations including Abellio Scotrail, Amey, YouthLink Scotland, Financial Ombudsman Service and Yorkshire Coast Homes.

MSP Christina McKelvie commented that “I was very proud to sponsor this event in The Scottish Parliament and I thank all for coming along to our launch night. It is extremely appropriate that a Masters in Diversity programme was launched in our Parliament – a Parliament that welcomes all and excludes none.”

Masters in Diversity will be an accelerated learning programme for leaders, with the aim of taking your leadership team from First Class to World Class, within 12 months.

CEO of the National Centre for Diversity, Solat Chaudhry, said “This is the most exciting thing I have worked on. Neuroscience is providing us with insights which until recently were unknown. The Neuro-equality approach that we have pioneered helps leaders become better, smarter –  potentially taking them from first class to world class within 12 months.”

McKelvie also addedThe Scottish Parliament prides itself in fostering an inclusive, open and welcoming approach to all who come here. This is the ‘Peoples Parliament’. I’m delighted that the National Centre for Diversity has decided to link arms with The Scottish Parliament to reinforce the equal and diverse society we know Scotland can be.”

The Masters in Diversity programme includes bespoke research into the inner workings of your organisation, 6 Master Classes tailored specifically to the learning requirements of your leadership team and 14 hours of One-to-One coaching with an expert Advisor.

Leaders who complete the programme will graduate from the course and become a ‘Fellow’ of the National Centre for Diversity, with the possibility of obtaining the status of ‘Fellow with Honours’ for those who showcase true passion, commitment and improvement.

Organisations whose Top 20 Leaders complete the programme will also have the opportunity to become accredited with the Masters in Diversity Award.

During the launch the attendees also heard from two inspiring local organisations, Voluntary Action Fund and Trust Housing Association; about the importance of equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace, as well as the different initiatives and strategies their organisations have put in place, to ensure that best equality, diversity and inclusion practices are upheld.

For more information about the Masters in Diversity leadership programme call 0800 288 4717, or email the team at admin@iiduk.org.


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