Cultural Awareness

Become more effective at communicating and collaborating in today's globalised world

cultural awareness in the workplace training

Cultural awareness is the ability to understand and appreciate the customs, beliefs, and values of other cultures. It is important in today’s globalised world, where we are increasingly interacting with people from different cultures.

The workshop will also provide attendees with an opportunity to explore their own cultural identity. This is important because it can help individuals to understand how their own culture has shaped their values, beliefs, and behaviours.

Cultural awareness is an important skill in today’s globalised world. By participating in this workshop, attendees will develop skills to become more effective at communicating and collaborating.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the components which comprise “culture” and “identity”and how these may be used to promote more effective interventions.
  • Identify how issues, problems and concerns which may arise when working across cultures might be addressed.
  • Recognise their role in acknowledging personal beliefs, cultural differences and boundaries.
  • Define their own culture and the impact of self on practice situations.


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Testimonial Stars
“We are delighted to receive the Silver Award, and this will play a crucial role in shaping our long-term EDI plan, supporting us on this ongoing journey.” 
Services used: Leaders In Diversity
Tim Plumb, CEO – Polymat
“It means so much to us all that we are part of change and driving EDI forward. This accreditation is something we will display with pride as we continue to work towards our goals of a fair and equal society.”
Services used: Masters In Diversity
Karen Cowan, Head of Corporate and Governance, and Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) lead – Ongo
“Embarking on the coveted Investors in Diversity Award had two purposes for us, both of which were equally important; to gain expert independent recognition of the work we do, and to help us push the boundaries further and do more for our people.”
Services used: Investors In Diversity
Hilary Jones, Chief Executive  – Bro Myrddin Housing Association
“We are immensely proud to have earned this esteemed certification, particularly because it reflects the voices of our employees and clients. Achieving this milestone took time, effort, and resources, but ensuring equality is a commitment we strive to uphold.”
Services used: Investors In Diversity
Deborah Parsons, Group CEO and Sustainability & Outreach Director  – Better Green Group

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