Rebuilding Trust Through EDI Best Practice

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Last week was a tumultuous week in politics. I don’t know about you but it seems to me that the principles of Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Engagement (FREDIE) are smouldering on the sidelines at a time when as a nation we cannot afford to ignore them.

Our country is divided after the Brexit vote, so now is the time to adopt the FREDIE values because without a doubt it will help redefine our great nation.

If we recognise the importance of accepting FREDIE, we can move to become a more tolerant society, one where collaborative and charitable behaviours will counteract the negativity that has taken hold. Only then can the UK collectively hold its head high and say that we are continuously working to improve our culture and attitude, to ensure fairness for all.

I will not pretend it is easy but it can be achieved through sheer hard work and determination – the key elements that were on show last Thursday when we recognised the Top 100 companies which wear the FREDIE values on their sleeves so to speak.

We had a room full of successful individuals and teams who had reached the top in promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. Those that have removed the obstacles that we are seeing in the world today and who we should try to emulate.

That’s why we’ve been working tirelessly to support businesses like yours; because it is those companies which won awards last week that really do bring a sense of decency, stability, certainty, well-being, hope, optimism and resilience in a world where mainstream political rhetoric has hardened.

We also saw with Huddersfield New College, an organisation that surpassed its previous achievements to retain its Number 1 position in the Top 100 Index for the third year in a row – you can read the full press release here:

Success does not come from sitting back and saying ‘job done’. Instead, success from working hard to achieve new levels of excellence day in and day out.

There are benefits for society and for your businesses in creating a fairer society so as we start another week let’s begin the process and build trust.



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