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The National Centre for Diversity has commissioned Cotura Quality Consulting to carry out research, to find out if Investors in Diversity (IiD) and Leaders in Diversity (LiD) has made any difference to organisations who have embarked on these accreditation journeys.

Organisations participating in the research were cross-sectional from those who have undertaken the Investors in Diversity or Leaders in Diversity process, including Bath Spa Students’ Union, Bright Horizons Family Solutions, Cestria Housing Association, Financial Ombudsman Service, John Ruskin College, Northern Rail, Prospects, Swanswell, Trust Housing Association and Yorkshire Coast Homes.

The results of the research have indicated that staff-members who lead on FREDI (Fairness, Respect, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) in organisations who have embarked on either the Investors in Diversity Award or Leaders in Diversity Award; thought that their workforces were more knowledgeable and better trained, with 83% of organisations reporting an increased understanding of the 9 Protected Characteristics.

As the National Centre for Diversity, our mission is to advance Equality, Diversity and Inclusion to ensure fairness for all. In order to do this, we must raise awareness and understanding, therefore it is encouraging and pleasing that the research we commissioned has found that 73% of organisations reported an increased understanding of inclusion, 92% of organisations reported an increased understanding of diversity and 78% of organisations reported an increased understanding of equality.

There was also a significant improvement in working practices and the culture, 78% of organisations reporting a reduction in incidents of bullying being witnessed among staff.

Before receiving the report from this research, we believed that the Investors in Diversity Award and Leaders in Diversity Award were key in supporting the already existing work that organisations were doing around FREDI, we can now report that 67% of participating organisations reported that the EDI role was taken more seriously as a result of undertaking IiD or LiD. Those who stated ‘no’ to this particular question confirmed that they felt that the role had been taken seriously prior to undertaking IiD or LiD.

With the leading roles around FREDI being viewed as more serious, it is no surprise that people also felt that IiD and LiD had improved their personal practical effectiveness; with 81.8% of participants reporting that they were better at their job as a result of IiD or LiD.

The diverse nature of humans means that in order to be effective in forming and maintaining positive relations with those around you; you have to be confident about relating, responding and reacting to people who are both similar and different to you. This research highlighted that 83.3% of participants reported feeling more confident around EDI, as a result of embarking on the IiD or LiD journey.

A lot of research now supports the assertion that a culture of good FREDI practices gives you a competitive advantage. 80% of participants in this research felt that they had a competitive advantage; as a result of achieving either the IiD or LiD Award, with 91% of participants reporting that they felt that their customers and stakeholders saw them in a better light.

The socio-political situation changed overnight with ‘Brexit’ and ‘Trumpit’, so it is poignant that 100% of participating organisations revealed that they felt that they are in a better position to deal with the changing political and social situation, and how it affects their organisation since achieving IiD or LiD. 100% also felt that they are in a better position to deal with the demographic situation, and how it affects their organisation, since achieving IiD or LiD.

The research carried out has also revealed that when asked who they trust more, from a list of 5 competing organisations, 90% of participants reported that they trusted the National Centre for Diversity the most.

Overall the information gathered from this research has made for extremely interesting reading. We pride ourselves on the knowledge that our accreditations are more than just a tick-box exercise, and that the work we do with organisations makes a measurable improvement to their working practices and culture, and this research further supports this.

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