Adjusting our business model = being a key player

A bit about Stanton Keller

Stanton Keller operates across 27 countries, providing organisations with unique and diverse talent solutions that empower their current and future leadership teams.

What were your top 3 reasons for embarking on the Supply Chain Verification Service journey?

We wanted to be able to position our business to champion Diversity and Inclusion from within our business to ensure we had solid foundations for our growth plans. We strongly believe in embracing all.

Being at the forefront of Talent and Executive Search across the Engineering, Manufacturing, and I.T sectors for our clients, not just in the UK, but also across Europe and North America, we wanted to bring change in the world by supporting our clients in their Diversity plans and as such have developed unique and industry leading frameworks to provide Diverse shortlists to our clients on a global scale.

We wanted to partner with a leading organisation that would not only train and support us on our journey, but a real strategic player in the market. The National Centre for Diversity stood out to us by a long way out due to their strong position in the market, the vast well known clients they have worked with, large and small, and the approach and support that they offered.

How user friendly did you find Supply Chain Verification Service?

Faultless. The interactive programme was intuitive and very well structured and has clearly been very well thought out to achieve results. It was very clear and concise with a fantastic support team that was very reactive to any questions that we had.

What type of support did you receive from / was offered to you by the National Centre for Diversity?

We received very clear instructions of the modules, how to complete them efficiently and on hand support at any time should we have required.

What have been the top 3 benefits for your organisation since becoming an NCFD Verified organisation?

We have seen a positive impact not only in the way our business is run, but also in being able to support our clients from a talent acquisition perspective. We have seen the benefits not only internally but also from being able to adjust our business model to be a key player in our industry and being one of the first Executive Search firms to do this.

Implementing inclusive policies as a business that are proven helps us to set the bar going forward and also attracting people to work for our brand.

Would you recommend the service to others?

Without any doubt. Not only has it been an enjoyable highly educational experience from the very start, but it has also proven the positive effects of the training we have received and will continue to receive. It has proved an extremely positive partnership and will continue to do so as we move forward supporting our clients.

Making the business case for diversity ...

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