How Diversity Saved a Police Officer’s Eyesight

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Former PC Solat Chaudhry recounts a harrowing night on duty when an officer in distress called for help, but the location was unclear among three possible Queen Streets. Chaudhry’s ability to communicate in Punjabi with a local resident provided crucial directions, leading to the rescue of his colleague from a life-threatening situation. This incident highlights how diversity within the police force enabled effective communication and rapid response, ultimately saving his colleague’s eyesight and potentially his life. Diversity’s value in emergency situations exemplifies its broader benefits across various fields.

World Autism Awareness Month

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April marks World Autism Awareness Month, dedicated to promoting acceptance and understanding of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). This month emphasizes recognizing the unique perspectives and strengths of individuals with autism, while also addressing the stigma and misunderstandings they often face. By fostering empathy and inclusivity, we can create a society where neurodiversity is celebrated and everyone is valued for who they are.

A Vision of Hope for 2024

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As we welcome 2024, the National Centre for Diversity (NCFD) sends a heartfelt Happy New Year to everyone, reaffirming its commitment to fostering inclusivity and fairness in workplaces across the UK.

Solat Chaudhry, the dynamic and passionate Chief Executive of NCFD, shared his optimistic vision for the year ahead in an interview with Andrew Palmer of the Yorkshire Times. Chaudhry, who has a rich background as a former police officer and grew up amidst the challenges of 1970s Burnley, leads NCFD with a steadfast commitment to changing attitudes and promoting diversity.

UK Equality in the Context of Brexit

You may be alarmed at the dangers that Brexit seems to be throwing up. The human brain craves safety, security and certainty. I expect that you are worried about the socio-economic implications of Brexit. In my lifetime, I have never known the country to be so deeply divided, and uncertainty so great. So what does […]

No Point in Diversifying Police Force

CEO of the National Centre for Diversity, Solat Chaudhry says “My opinion is very strong: the police should stop all attempts to recruit people from diverse backgrounds”. Diversity – or the lack of it – has been a much contested issue amongst the Police forces of England and Wales, for many years, and it has […]

Fairness: Large Firms Playing ‘Chicken’ Across the M1

A recent investigation into the business practices of Sports Direct and its owner Mike Ashley has thrown up some interesting and controversial issues concerning equality and fair treatment in the workplace. Luke Primarolo from the Unite union told MPs at a recent hearing that, “In the warehouse, there is a culture of fear.” he went […]

Should Muirfield members have been allowed to vote against female membership?

The recent news that Golfing Governing Body, The R&A, has stripped Muirfield of the chance to host The Open after members of the Scottish club voted against opening up its membership to women, has added fuel to the gender equality campaign across the UK. In the wake of the report, Scottish national newspaper The Scotsman announced […]

Investors in Diversity success for Viewpoint

Viewpoint employees in Scotland are proud to have achieved Stage 2 in their Investors in Diversity journey. Viewpoint has 3 care homes and sheltered housing across Edinburgh and Fife in Scotland and has approximately 260 employees. Solat Chaudhry, Chief Executive of The National Centre for Diversity, commented “We are delighted that Viewpoint have achieved the […]