Gender equality issues persist in UK’s legal profession


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An online article published yesterday (24th September 2015) by the Guardian has once again highlighted the issues of gender equality in the UK within the legal profession.

The issues around gender equality have been shot to the forefront following an article written by barrister Charlotte Proudman, which was a response to a comment made about her appearance on LinkedIn.

At the National Centre for Diversity we work hard to achieve fairness for all both at work and in the wider society; and to raise awareness of the barriers and issues surrounding equality, diversity and inclusion. To have such a high profile case and for it to garner the attention it has on social media; is only proof that the legal profession needs to work harder to counteract the current gender equality issues, as well as all other barriers (both obvious and hidden) to equality, diversity and inclusion.

In response to the article, CEO of the National Centre for Diversity commented: “I fully support Charlotte Proudman’s right to speak out about her experiences. Everybody has a right to go on a professional platform such as LinkedIn and expect to be treated in a professional way, and not be subjected to inappropriate and unprofessional comments, regardless of whether they are complimentary or not.”

The article was published just days after Labour’s shadow justice secretary Lord Falconer, moved the Labour party closer to their commitment to ensuring that significant progress is made, regarding judicial diversity within the next 5 years.

The National Centre for Diversity is committed to helping as many organisations as they can, to achieve equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), offering services such as e-learning programmes, our Investors in Diversity Award and the National Centre for Diversity Top 100 awards.

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25th September 2015


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